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Translation and Interpretation Services

I hold degrees in translation, interpretation and teaching from Instituto Superior Nº 28 "Olga Cossettini", Rosario and have three decades of experience in teaching English as a Second Language. I have over 6 years experience working as a freelance English-Spanish/ Spanish-English translator. Additionally, I am a member of the association of translators of Santa Fe province (2º constituency) and my licence number is 554-02.

I am skilled in languages, translation, interpretation, training students to develop listening, speaking, writing and reading strategies, CAT tools and communication. I am an excellent communicator and leader. I have worked on small, medium and big projects as a translator and editor. I foster inter-team communications and help enable my team and project to succeed. I greatly enjoy participating in teams to succeed in meeting deadlines for deliverables. 
My goal is to work as part of good and productive teams on interesting and engaging projects as a translator or editor as a remote worker from my home-based office in Rosario, Argentina.
Please review my resume and then please contact me at your earliest convenience. 
Thank you for your time and consideration.
Marisa Pavan