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Saturday, February 26, 2011

My Lesson Plan History

After reading the post "What's Your Plan? My First Challenge" by Cecilia Lemos (@CeciELT), one of the members of my PLN I always enjoy sharing and chatting with, I decided to accept the challenge and describe my lesson plan history.

At Teachers' Training College, I was taught to devise plans on sheets of paper that unfolded and I included the step of the lesson, the material needed, the aims, the procedure for each task, the teachers' words, examples, time needed and so on. I remember figuring if I would ever be able to teach without having that large plan on my desk. As time went by and my teaching experience grew, I didn't need to include so much in my plans, which became a list such as:

Monday, September 14th

6th adolescents

· Oral correction of sts.´ homework. Check they've understood the grammar point.

· Introduction of the topic "Travel Broadens the Mind" (pairwork ideas/group discussion)

· Recording of new vocabulary: adventure/cultural/package/get away from it all/a minute's walk away from/stylish shops/leisure facilities/gourmet cuisine, etc.

· Sts. read the article on the book (page 45) in silence and ask questions if necessary.

· Sts. do the comprehension exercises.

· Games to practise the new vocabulary

After I started using technology in my lessons, my plans have changed and some examples are:

2) Videos:

3) Conversation:

4) Present Simple and Continuous: PresentSimpleandPresentContinuous.pdf PresentSimple2.pdfPresentContinuous2.pdf PresentContinuous1.pdf

Extra Practice: Video: Listen and repeat:

Multiple Choice:

Present Simple Negative:

Complete the sentences:

Present Continuous:

Introducing a talking point with a song: Enjoy the Silence by Depeche Mode

I can conclude that the more experience a teacher has, the more confident he/she feels and and the dependence on the lesson plans is reduced. One of the qualities a teacher should develop is adaptability so that he/she can make changes according to factors such as students' interest, their mood, queries and doubts that come about, students' suggestions, etc.

I'd like to thank Cecilia for her inspirational post and the opportunity to reflect on the changes that have been going on in my plans and in my classes.


  1. Hi Marisa,

    First I am really happy to have you join the challenge I proposed :-) And you voiced my feelings exactly on that last paragraph, when you talk about how lesson plans reduce as we become more experience - for me I've only been given more evidence of that by the wonderful posts by the teachers who've joined the challenge.

    On a different note, I have to say I found the plan where you showed how the use of technology changed planning for you really interesting. You can do a whole lesson with so many different sources and activities - all online.

    I really enjoyed reading about your lesson plan evolution and seeing a bit of how your mind works :-) Thanks for sharing Marisa.


  2. Hi Ceci,

    Thanks for your comment and for your interest in my post! It's been a pleasure for me to join your challenge. Brilliant idea!

  3. Any idea is only as brilliant as the ones who take it :-)