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Sunday, April 8, 2012

Interactive Practice for Beginners

I haven't written posts for a while due to lack of time. In January and in February I worked in London as an assistant to the supervisor of a firm that organises educational trips for adolescents. And in March I started teaching one-to-one and group classes. Among my one-to-one students, I have beginners who need to practise basic structures such as: verb to be, personal pronouns, possessive adjectives, questions. To this end, I've designed examples and opportunities for interaction so as to practise and remember those grammar points and vocabulary in context through pictures and data.

This material can be simple but I imagine it can be helpful for many of my colleagues who may need it.


  1. Thanks for sharing your ideas! I have to teach a class tomorrow reviewing the points you covered in your examples. Seems like there's little planning left for me to do!! ;-)

  2. Hello Marcus!

    I'm glad you've found this material helpful. I hope your students find it motivating.