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Tuesday, July 13, 2010

Students' Studying Strategies

Have your students ever asked you how they should study?
I teach English to intermediate, upper intermediate and advanced students
and it is when they reach these levels that they realise they need to study as
what we do in class is not enough. Then, they ask me to recommend how
they should do so.

My recommendations are:

  • Reading as much as they can since it helps students widen their vocabulary scope and strengthens their use of the language;
  • Doing exercises as extra practice;
  • Keeping records of their corrections so as not to repeat mistakes;
  • Taking down notes and reading new words and phrases in context;
  • Making pictures since they are great memory aids;
  • Meeting peers to practise conversation skills;
  • Singing songs to practise pronunciation;
  • Listening to podcasts.
I am convinced we, in our capacity as teachers, should help our students develop life-long skills and become independent learners no matter how much they resist changing habits.

To collect other teachers' tips and hints I've created a wallwisher: Students' Studying Strategies
Some educators have included their suggestions via Twitter. Feel free to include yours.

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